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I currently work as a graphic designer at HazNet magazine. I started in 2015 as graphic support and since 2017 I work as a cover and layout designer.

HazNet Magazine serves as the information dissemination platform of the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network.

The magazine is published biannually, both online and in limited hard copy format.

The platform is updated throughout the year to serve the information needs of practitioners and researchers working in the fields of disaster risk reduction, emergency management, and resilience.

Our mandate is to foster interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral education and engagement to enhance understanding of resilience, emergency management, and disaster risk reduction.

We tell Canada’s resilience story.

Preparing Our Home

I work on the design of brochures and video editions (interviews) on projects “Preparing Our Home”

“Preparing our Home” is a community-based resilience planning program. The program enables Indigenous youth to reach their potential in becoming emergency preparedness leaders in their communities.

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